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Opting for Adagio Energy Service in Alberta

If you haven't taken advantage of the deregulated energy system in Alberta yet, don't worry. You can switch energy providers at your leisure, but you may want to consider doing so sooner rather than later. Before making a decision either way, you need to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Opting for a new energy plan with Adagio Energy service means you could be able to spend less on your electricity costs than you have been. It all depends on what the differences between your current electricity plan and the details of the offers available to you with Adagio Energy power solutions.

Knowing what to look for is half the battle

One of the common reasons people don't take advantage of energy deregulation is unfamiliarity with how the system works. Here at we try our best to explain deregulation in the most understandable terms. With the right information and background, it's easy to make the most of the opportunities afforded to you as a resident or business owner in Alberta!

A brief history of deregulation in Alberta

The push for deregulation of the energy markets in Alberta began in the 1980s. The natural gas market was the first to be deregulated in the province in 1985, allowing Albertans a choice of natural gas supplier for the first time. The electricity market in Alberta followed the same path by becoming deregulated in 1996. Deregulation separates the energy industry into different steps – maintaining a degree of separation between the company you purchase your supply from and the company that delivers it to your home or business.

How Adagio Energy electricity service fits in

Adagio Energy electricity service operates as a competitive marketer in the deregulated Alberta electricity industry. Adagio Energy sells electricity plans to residential and business customers in the province. If you opt for a plan from Adagio Energy, your electricity will continue to be delivered to your home by the utility that serves your area. Utilities own the infrastructure in their service areas, and are therefore the company you will still turn to if you experience an outage.

There are several types of Adagio Energy service, any of which could be the best solution for your needs. You need to examine all your options before making a decision in order to make sure you've gotten the best deal.

Different types of Adagio Energy rates

As with many competitive electricity marketers, there are a few different Adagio Energy rates you can choose from. Some of these rates are also attached to different fee structures, such as secured rates and floating rates. If you select a secured-rate plan for your Adagio Energy power supply, you'll pay a stable amount for each kilowatt hour of electricity you consume until your contract is up.

Floating-rate plans are the opposite end of the spectrum. With one of these plans for your Adagio Energy service you'll pay a different rate from one month the next on your electricity usage by kilowatt hour.

Not sure what to get? Take your time on and learn a bit more about all the options available to you. With a certain degree of patience and tenacity you're certain to find an energy plan that suits your lifestyle.

Updated: 7-17-2015