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Finding and Comparing Alberta Natural Gas Providers

Thanks to the natural gas market being deregulated in 1985, residential and commercial energy consumers in most parts of Alberta have the right to choose between a number of competitive providers. But shopping for energy doesn't have to involve hours and hours of waiting on hold with customer service in order to find out who's offering what at what rate.

On, customers in deregulated areas can compare a number of these suppliers to educate themselves on the state of the energy market to weigh their options and make an informed decision for the specific needs of their home or business. 

If you're a resident of Alberta searching for rates offered by competitive natural gas service providers in your area, you can begin by finding the name of your city or town below.


How do you separate the competitive natural gas service providers available in Alberta?

With the number of competitive marketers growing each year, it has become easier for customers to find competitive gas prices, but when it comes to differentiating between the companies and signing a contract, it's OK to say you need help. That's where we come in!

While we know it is important to find a competitive plan with low gas prices, it's equally important to read the fine print and learn more about the competitive gas providers you're weighing against each other. You should also check out the costs that constitute your monthly bill to determine what will change and what will remain steady. This will allow you to plan ahead and adjust your daily, weekly and long-term habits for energy consumption. If you're like us, you don't want to see any surprises on your bill.

Fixed-rate supply plans offer a stable rate for a fixed period of time. Prior to signing up for one of these plans, you should ask yourself if you're OK with a long-term contract with one of the competitive Alberta natural gas providers or if you'd prefer to sign on for a floating rate supply plan in which gas prices tend to fluctuate.

How are prices set and how might they change?

Gas is provided to you in two ways, either through regulated rates through a regulated rate provider or through a contract with a competitive retailer. When you select a competitive retailer, the contract you sign determines the price you pay for your gas supply. If you choose regulated service, the Alberta Utilities Commission determines the gas rate.

Now that you feel prepared to start shopping, take a look around or give us a call to learn about gas prices near you.

Updated: 2-17-2016