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Finding Natural Gas Solutions with AltaGas Utilities

When the natural gas market was deregulated in most regions throughout Alberta in 1985, residents and business owners in these communities gained the ability to select the company that supplied their energy.

In a deregulated energy market, competitive marketers purchase bulk energy from generation plants and sell supply plans to customers, charging a certain rate for the energy they consume. The rate for a supply plan in Alberta is typically either fixed or floating, meaning customers either pay a set, unchanging amount per unit they consume for the duration of a contract period or they pay an amount per unit that fluctuates from month to month dependent upon changes in the energy market.

Sticking with the utility that serves your community

Just because consumers have the option to choose a different supplier for their natural gas doesn't mean they are required to do so. Before deregulation, residents in Alberta were provided with electricity and natural gas by their local utility. Competitive marketers did not exist, and so utilities were in charge of purchasing and distributing the energy that powered homes and commercial businesses. In this case, AltaGas natural gas rates would have included all charges for natural gas supply and distribution. Utilities are still in operation, but whereas previously they oversaw the entire process, now they manage the distribution stage, delivering natural gas and electricity through a grid of wires, poles and pipes that run throughout the province.

AltaGas in Alberta is one such utility, supplying almost 72,000 customers in more than 90 communities across Alberta with natural gas. If you live in an AltaGas Utilities service area and opt to continue service with this company, you will be charged a regulated rate for AltaGas Utilities supply that is determined and monitored by the Alberta Utilities Commission, in addition to fixed distribution and maintenance fees. This regulated rate for AltaGas Utilities natural gas supply is liable to change each month based on variables in the energy market such as weather conditions and generation prices.

As the overseer of the distribution network in your area, customers should contact the AltaGas Utilities emergency line to report any malfunctioning equipment.

Thinking about switching from AltaGas Utilities to a competitive marketer?

If you are satisfied with the rate provided by AltaGas Utilities, you can choose to stay on board with the company, but if you are interested in searching for a rate or contract more suited to your needs, you should do some research to determine what else is available in your neighbourhood.

That's where comes in. The website lists a number of competitive marketers and utilities such as AltaGas Utilities operating in cities and towns throughout Alberta, and you can uncover important information about these companies and the deregulated natural gas and electricity markets, in general. The first step to becoming an educated consumer is learning as much as you can about what's out there.

So take a look around the site to get a better sense of the companies supplying natural gas in your community, or call in today to discuss natural gas rates. Trained service agents are ready to help, so don't be afraid to ask any questions!


Updated: 8-11-15