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The Opportunity Presented by Bow Valley Power to Alberta

Are you shopping for a new electricity solution in Alberta? Are you concerned with the environmental impacts of fossil-fuel powered electricity plants? Do you want to do something about the greenhouse gases produced through electricity generation?

Now you can actively choose to make a difference to the electricity industry status quo by signing up for a rate from the competitive marketer Bow Valley Power in Alberta. Choosing a Bow Valley Power electric plan means having the option of purchasing an EcoLogo Certified electricity supply. Plus, a full 20% of the profits from the sale of Bow Valley Power electric supply plans is invested in green energy innovation!

If you're shopping around for a different kind of energy company – Bow Valley Power in Alberta might be exactly what you had in mind.

Bow Valley Power in Alberta has plenty of options

Just because green energy is a focus point for Bow Valley Power doesn't mean that's all the company has to offer. There are also non-green energy plans available. The important thing to remember is that Bow Valley Power is here to serve communities across the province. In fact, residents and businesses in more than 120 communities are eligible to sign up for a Bow Valley Power energy plan. 

A different kind of energy company

Since being founded in 2010, the range of Bow Valley Power energy plans has grown but the company's focus has not. What began as a small community organization remains as one today. So much so that the founder puts his direct phone line and email address directly on the about us page of the company's website.

In addition to featuring that kind of transparency from its leadership, Bow Valley Power electric plans come with several rate structures to fit the needs of different sets of consumers. Whether you're shopping for a secured- or a floating-rate plan, Bow Valley Power has something that may fit the bill.

In addition to offering great rates, Bow Valley Power energy plans are all without exit fees meaning you can switch providers at any time. That sort of flexibility is valuable, particularly considering the ebbs and flows of the energy market over the past few years.

Comparing Bow Valley Power in Alberta to other marketers

Before making a final decision on a new energy plan, it's important to explore what the competition has to offer. Even if you're especially excited about a particular Bow Valley Power electric plan, being a wise consumer means doing a fair comparison with other competitors offering plans in your area.

Ultimately, if you don't take the time to conduct a true comparison of the energy plans that fit your needs you may wind up with a plan that doesn't suit your situation. Follow this simple checklist to get a jump start on the process:

  • Are the rate structures the same from one plan to the next?

Rate structures determine when and how frequently a particular plan's rate will change. Secured-rate plans are designed to offer consumers price protection. Floating-rate plans go up and down with overall market conditions – allowing you to make the most of market lows but also threatening you with high bills when the market is high.


Comparing two plans that have different rate structures doesn't make for a fair comparison.


  • Do you have to sign a lengthy contract?

Usually, lengthy contracts for energy plans are associated with long-term secured-rate solutions. If you're okay with not having the freedom to change your energy plan without dealing with the potential of exit fees or other penalties, signing a long-term contract isn't an issue. If you like having the freedom to make changes, they might stand in the way.


  • Do you want modern amenities like paying bills online?

It may sound like this should be a given, but there are still competitive marketers out there that just don't cater to the modern world. Every Bow Valley Power energy plan includes the option for online payments, and you can even sign up for a new plan online!

Take advantage of the resources right in front of you. is here to help you learn all the information you need to know about selecting a new energy plan from competitive marketers such as Bow Valley Power in Alberta. By taking the time to do some research now, you can prevent yourself from having to deal with any number of headaches later on.

Updated: 7-17-2015