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Brighter Futures Energy: For the Consumer and the Community

Looking for a new energy supply plan from a competitive marketer in Alberta? Unsure how to work through the transition from one company and one plan to the next? Consider learning about the paperless billing system and competitive electricity supply plans that Brighter Futures Energy has to offer.

Thanks to the deregulation of the electricity market in the 1990s, residents and business owners in most communities throughout Alberta have the opportunity to choose where they get their energy from, whether that be from the utility that automatically provides electricity in a city or town or one of the number of competitive marketers operating in the same area. If you live in a deregulated market, you are encouraged to do some research to discover how you can positively affect your monthly energy bill by signing up with a company that offers plans optimal for your needs.

With the increasing amount of companies entering the energy market each year and vying for your business, you might be able to find a better energy solution than the one you currently pay for. As you begin to explore your options, learn as much as you can about each of the companies supplying electricity to your city or town, including Brighter Futures Energy.

Alberta: Brighter Futures Energy is doing away with paper

By opting for an electricity supply plan with Brighter Futures Energy, you could receive reliable energy service from a company that has the future in mind. In the last few years, Brighter Futures Energy has stopped using paper at all steps in the process. The customer pays online, signs a virtual contract, and comes and goes without any need for entry and exit paperwork.

How does Brighter Futures Energy stack up against the competition?

The options offered by competitive marketers such as Alberta Brighter Futures Energy are constantly reviewed. It is important to remember that the list of plans offered by a company one month may look different the next. This is because of fluctuations in pricing in the energy market and the effects of new companies entering the market each year in hopes of owning the lowest prices in the business.

With that in mind, you should know the difference between rate structures that you'll commonly find when shopping for electricity supply plans from marketers like Brighter Futures Energy. There are two types of plans for your selection: the floating-rate plan and the fixed-rate plan.

Floating rates are similar to the regulated rate option offered by your local utility. With a floating rate, the price you pay per kWh you consume is liable to vary from month to month, depending on fluctuations in the overall energy market.

Unlike floating rates, a fixed rate stays the same for the duration of a contract. The length and terms of agreement for a contract varies from plan to plan and marketer to marketer.

Starting the search for a competitive rate

On, you'll find a number of competitive marketers selling electricity supply plans and utilities offering regulated rates throughout the province, some of which could be servicing your specific area. Do yourself a favor and take a look around, then call in with any questions about switching your energy supply today!


Updated: 8-11-15