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Understand the City of Red Deer Utility

The city of Red Deer is a wire owner and operator that outsources the utility supply plan, also known as the regulated rate option, to ENMAX Power. Customers of this utility will receive electricity delivery from the city of Red Deer no matter where they purchase supply. ENMAX Power, an energy corporation, is in charge of billing Red Deer customers who receive the regulated rate option. ENMAX Power handles the regulated rate option for a number of smaller utilities along with its own energy transmission and distribution for the city of Calgary. However, residents and businesses that reside within the city of Red Deer no longer have to purchase supply at the regulated rate; they have the ability to find a competitive electrical service provider instead.

Energy in locations new to the city of Red Deer

Areas of Red Deer that were annexed after 2007 may not be in the city utility's service area. Because of these fairly recent additions to the city, the service area and city boundary do not precisely align. If energy consumers need to set up service in the city of Red Deer, they should contact the city utility to determine whether or not they are served by the city or FortisAlberta. Consumers in the FortisAlberta wire service area can purchase supply at the regulated rate from EPCOR. This is because, just as the Red Deer utility outsources regulated supply to ENMAX Power, FortisAlberta outsources to EPCOR. No matter which utility a Red Deer consumer is assigned to, he or she still has the option of choosing a competitive electrical service provider for supply. 

Deregulation in Alberta gives consumers a choice

Energy deregulation unbundled the delivery and supply facets of the energy business, opening the supply market to competition. This gives consumers the ability to find a competitive supplier with an alternative plan. These plans come in a variety of forms – stable-rate plans, variable-rate plans or flat-rate plans. Residents and businesses of Red Deer still have the ability to purchase electricity supply from their utility at the regulated rate option but because the supply market is deregulated, they may also shop around competitive electrical service providers to make the best decision for their home or business. can help you find a plan

Deregulation gives you options – why not take advantage of them? is here to assist you in finding an energy plan that works for your home or business. Explore our site and read about the options in your area. Then, to discuss plans, give us a call. We're here to help you find a plan that's right for you.

Source: Updated: 3-16-15.