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Exploring Crowsnest Pass Electrical Service Providers

There are two utilities that operate within the municipality of Crowsnest Pass. This municipality owns and operates an electrical wire service that operates in part of it and Fortis Alberta offers wire service to the remaining area. However, neither of these electrical service providers offer the regulated rate option. Crowsnest Pass customers who wish to purchase their electricity supply at a regulated rate must sign up with ENMAX, and Fortis Alberta customers who would like a regulated rate can purchase supply through EPCOR. If customers of Crowsnest Pass or Fortis Alberta do not desire a regulated rate, they are welcome to explore the competitive electrical service providers that offer supply in the area.

Understanding deregulation in Crowsnest Pass

As part of deregulated Alberta, Crowsnest Pass has an open energy market. This type of energy market, often referred to as deregulated, gives consumers who live in the area options when it comes to their energy plan. For electricity, this began in the mid-1990s, about a decade after the natural gas market. Unlike a regulated energy market, the majority of Alberta is open to competition among alternative electrical service providers, creating diverse supply plans for energy consumers to choose from.

  • Stable-rate plans are offered by many alternative electrical service providers. These supply rates give customers a set rate per kWh for the term of their plan to protect themselves from the fluctuating regulated rate option.
  • Floating-rate plans are similar to a regulated rate option in that they vary. On the contrary, rates such as these may fluctuate differently than the government controlled regulated rate option.
  • Flat-rate plans are great for consumers who prefer predictability. These plans set a flat monthly price at the beginning of the contract that the customer will pay for the duration of the plan.

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Living in Crowsnest Pass' open energy market gives you options when it comes to your energy supply. If you're looking to switch from your current supplier, you are free to explore alternative plans. took the time to highlight specifics about electrical service providers in the province to make your search a little bit easier. Read about what options are available in your area. After that, give us a call and one of our energy specialists will be happy to help find a plan that's right for you.

Source: Updated: 3-3-15.