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Learn About Calgary's Utility: ENMAX Power Corporation

ENMAX Power Corporation is a utility company that serves Calgary, Alberta. It is the utility branch of the larger ENMAX Corporation and has been providing the greater Calgary area with electricity for more than a century. ENMAX Power Corporation offers infrastructure maintenance and electricity distribution, as well as a regulated rate option, often referred to as default service. ENMAX Power Corporation does not offer regulated rates for natural gas because it is an electric utility. However, retail natural gas supply rates are sold by its marketer arm, ENMAX Energy.

The Roots of ENMAX Power Corporation

ENMAX Power Corporation got its start as The City of Calgary Electric System on December 2, 1905. This was one of the first electric utilities in Calgary, generating its own electricity via coal-fired power plants. After the 1995 Electric Utilities Act, ENMAX was able to begin purchasing extra electricity from the Alberta Electric System Operator. About this time, The City of Calgary Electric System became property of the City of Calgary, creating ENMAX Power Corporation. It began operations under this name in 1998 and now handles competitive procurement, maintenance, engineering and construction throughout its service area.

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Source: Updated: 12-15-15.