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Residential Electricity Services with E.NRG Power in Alberta

Are you new to the area or interested in shopping for a different energy supply plan for your residence or commercial business? If you live in a region of Alberta with a deregulated market for electricity, you have the right to search for the power solution that works best for your budget from a company like E.NRG Power or another competitive marketer.

For nearly a century, most of the energy market operated in largely the same way: utilities in cities and towns across North America oversaw the entire process of power supply for local homes and businesses, from generation and transmission all the way through neighbourhood distribution and billing.

The new energy market

In 1996, the Alberta electricity market was deregulated in most regions and consumers gained the ability to choose who supplied their energy. More and more competitive marketers came onto the scene, vying for the lowest rates and most attractive deals. This was great news for the consumer – more competition meant unique offers and a wider range to choose from.

Today, consumers across Alberta have access to a number of different options for their electricity, including the default regulated rate option for distribution from their local utility or supply plans and rate structures from competitive marketers, including E.NRG rates and rates offered by other companies operating nearby.

What do customers get from E.NRG rates and E.NRG Alberta?

With E.NRG Power electricity services and E.NRG rates, customers have access to a number of perks. Some of the benefits of signing up with E.NRG Power and opting for competitive E.NRG rates include:

  • No cancellation fees – all you have to do is notify E.NRG Power that you're switching companies 10 days in advance.
  • The choice of either a stable rate or floating rate plan – you decide whether you want to lock in a price for a long-term contract or you'd like the freedom of switching at the end of the month.
  • Knowledgeable E.NRG Power customer support throughout the week
  • Online registration and billing – no need for paper transactions
  • Senior E.NRG rates available for customers over the age of 60

Comparing E.NRG Power and E.NRG rates to the competition

It is important to remember when shopping for an electricity supply plan to compare your options side by side. See how E.NRG rates stack up against the ones you find elsewhere. Once you've discovered a rate that compares to E.NRG rates that you like for your home or business, learn about the company and its operations and then read the details about the plans.

On, you'll find a listing of utilities and competitive marketers like E.NRG Power supplying electricity to residents and business owners throughout Alberta. If you need help learning what's available in your area or you have any questions about switching to a different supplier, call today!


Updated: 8-11-15