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Find Out About Fort MacLeod's Electrical Utility

The town of Fort MacLeod owns and operates its own electrical distribution system. Because the electrical distribution wires are its property, Fort MacLeod is responsible for the distribution of the product and the maintenance of the infrastructure. As with other electrical utilities, consumers who live in the Fort MacLeod service territory can expect a charge from the electrical utility for the delivery of the commodity regardless of who they purchase their supply from. This charge helps cover the maintenance of the electrical distribution system.

Since Fort MacLeod only offers electrical distribution service, customers of this utility who would like to receive the regulated rate option should contact ENMAX for service. Otherwise, they may peruse the energy market to see if an alternative supplier offers a rate that works better for their home or business.

Considering your options in the Fort MacLeod energy market

Prior to deregulation in Alberta, consumers were only given one option for their power supply – the electrical utility. Customers of the utility paid for their energy at the regulated rates set by the Alberta Utilities Commission. Although the regulated rate option may be a good fit for some consumers, energy plans are not one-size-fits-all.

The Alberta energy market began deregulating in the mid-1980s with natural gas. About a decade later, electricity deregulated as well and consumers were given more options for home or business energy plans. The open market created competition among energy suppliers, resulting in alternative plans that consumers can choose from.

  • Flat fee plans work well for the home or business that likes to have a predetermined budget for their energy costs. These plans allow consumers to pay the same amount each month for their monthly energy supply for the length of the plan.
  • Stable rates can be a better option for a home or business that prefers a consistent price per kWh. These plans set a supply rate at the beginning of the contract that the customer will pay for a certain amount of time.
  • Floating rates are supply rates that vary with the market value of the energy. Despite that these sound similar to the regulated rate option, they may be determined differently than those set by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

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Comparing energy plans can be a lot of work. That's why we decided to lend a hand by writing about the available options in your area. was created to give you a central location that provides you with information about energy suppliers. Let us help you explore your options – take a look over our site. If you're ready to explore plans, give us a ring. Our energy specialists may be able to help you find the energy plan you are looking for.

Source: Updated: 3-3-15.