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Understand FortisAlberta Electrical Distribution

FortisAlberta is an Alberta wire service provider that serves nearly half a million customers in close to 200 communities in the province. It handles electrical distribution with its 119,000 kilometres of power lines in its 225,000 square kilometre service area. Although FortisAlberta is responsible for the electrical distribution system, it does not offer the regulated rate option. FortisAlberta customers who want to purchase their electricity at the regulated rate should get in touch with ENMAX to set up their supply. No matter who a FortisAlberta customer purchases energy from, this utility will still remain his or her electrical distribution company.

Take advantage of deregulation in Alberta

Deregulation in Alberta began in the mid-1980s when the natural gas market opened up to competition among suppliers. It wasn't until a decade later that the electricity market followed in its footsteps and deregulated as well. While choice may not seem like a big deal if you live in a deregulated market, it is a freedom not granted to some others. In a lot of other energy markets, consumers still do not have the ability to find an alternative plan, even if they are unhappy with their current rates. In these markets, consumers are limited to purchasing supply from the utility at a regulated rate. In open markets, such as Alberta, consumers have a variety of plans to pick from.

  • Stable-rate plans let a customer pay an agreed-upon rate per energy unit for the duration of the plan. Plans such as these might be a good option for a home or business that likes to know exactly how much they are paying per unit.
  • Flat-fee plans charge customers one monthly price for their electricity supply. Flat-fee plans are great for customers who like to have a set budget.
  • Variable-rate plans fluctuate kind of like a regulated rate. These rates might be a good option for customers who prefer to pay close to the market price.

Consider letting lend a hand

In Alberta's deregulated energy market, you are given the opportunity to find an energy plan that's right for you. You should take advantage of this privilege to make sure you aren't missing out on the opportunity to solve an energy problem. has made it easy by detailing many of the providers that offer supply plans in the province. Browse our site to get an idea of the plans available in your town. Then, when you're ready to discuss plans, give us a call and we'll chat about some of your options.

Source: Updated: 3-5-15.