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Discover Homegrown Alberta Energy Supply with Milner Power

If you live in Grande Cache, Alberta, or are an employee of MAXIM Power Corp or HR Milner and you're interested in having electricity delivered to your home by Milner Power or another competitive marketer serving near you, you should do some research to compare Milner Power rates on supply to other rates offered in your area. With, you can learn valuable information about some of the companies in your area so you can get started finding a great rate today.

Explaining Alberta energy market deregulation

When the Alberta energy market was deregulated in the late 20th century, residents and business owners throughout the province gained the ability to choose the company that supplies their electricity. Prior to deregulation, consumers had no choice; the utility that operated in their city or town produced and delivered energy to every home and business nearby.

Now, a number of competitive marketers enter the market each year, vying for the lowest rates money can buy. Thus, as a resident of Alberta, you have two options for energy supply: a regulated rate option from your local utility and a supply plan from a marketer such as Milner Power.

By choosing service with Milner Power or another Alberta energy marketer, there will be two main components to your monthly energy bill. The first consists of charges related to the energy you consume and all administration fees incurred by the competitive marketer, and the second consists of the costs of delivery and wire maintenance, which are incurred by the wires company in your area. These fees are billed to the retailer by the wires company and included in your monthly bill.

What do you get with Milner Power Alberta?

If you opt for electricity supply with Milner Power in Alberta, you'll receive supply from a local company that has been around since 1972. According to its website, it has long been committed to working with the communities it serves to encourage a strong future, starting with reliable energy production and supply.

There are multiple options for Milner Power rates on supply, including the fixed-rate and floating-rate structures. With a fixed-rate energy supply plan, customers can lock in a rate per kWh they consume for the length of a contract. While this gives consumers peace of mind that their monthly supply costs won't increase as long as their means of consumption don't change, they can't simply switch Alberta energy providers at the drop of a hat.

That's where the floating rate option comes in. Without the need for a long-term contract, floating rate supply plans allow consumers to switch providers at the end of a month. However, the cost they pay per kWh is subject to change from month to month based on variables in the energy market.

To discover more options for Alberta energy supply, including information on competitive marketers and utilities serving in your neighbourhood, take a look around Do some research to find the option that works best for the needs of your home or business, and call in with any questions about getting a new rate today!


Updated: 8-11-15