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A Cleaner Future Possible With SPARK Energy in Alberta

With the deregulation of both the natural gas and electricity markets in most regions of Alberta by the 1990s, residents and business owners throughout the province gained the ability to decide who supplies their energy. Consumers no longer have just a single regulated rate option for energy supply. Whereas before they were required to receive electricity and natural gas from their local utility and wires operator, consumers now have a say in the matter.

As a resident of Alberta, you get to decide whether you want to stick with the regulated rate option set by the government and provided by your local utility or shop around for a new supply plan supplied by a competitive marketer such as SPARK. Read on to learn a little bit more about the SPARK energy model.

History of SPARK electric supply

The SPARK energy model began as a member-owned co-operative energy company with the goal of helping local projects become more sustainable with renewable energy solutions. Pairing small green generators of wind, solar and hydro energy with businesses and organizations seeking sustainable futures, SPARK energy solutions grew.

Today, SPARK electric supply is available for residential, commercial and small business customers in a number of areas throughout Alberta. Its range of green energy plans gives consumers the power to offset their consumption with cleaner forms of energy produced by local companies that otherwise might not still be in the market.

Customers are not required to sign on as a co-op member to receive SPARK electric supply. But if they are interested in joining the SPARK energy co-op team, they can become a member for a one-time fee of $25. As members, SPARK electric customers are eligible for profit sharing and other benefits.

Understanding green energy options with SPARK electric supply

When you purchase electricity produced from renewable resources such as solar and wind, you are not necessarily consuming green energy. Unless green energy infrastructure is connected directly to your home or business, there's no determining whether the current flowing into your property is green or not.

By opting for a green SPARK energy supply plan, you are paying to push cleaner forms of energy into the market and offset traditional forms such as coal burning, encouraging a more sustainable future for all. So consider investing in a green model of SPARK energy or an electricity solution from a similar competitive marketer.

Finding a SPARK energy Alberta supply plan

If you are considering SPARK electric supply, you should first compare SPARK electric rates to those offered by other competitive marketers serving in your area. Analyze the rates offered by each company as well as the companies themselves, and then read the fine print on available plans. Use to find a provider you can trust and a plan you prefer, and call in with questions about getting a new rate!


Updated: 8-11-15