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Discover Alberta Energy Solutions with Vector Energy in Alberta

If you're looking to purchase a new Alberta energy supply plan for your home or commercial business, consider going with an electricity supply rate offered by Vector Energy or another competitive marketer. Depending on where you live, you might have access to services provided by a number of marketers, and with you can discover a little bit about each option and make an educated decision for your energy supply.

When the energy market was deregulated in most regions of Alberta in the 1990s, consumers throughout the province gained the ability to decide who supplies their electricity. New marketers enter the industry each year, vying for the lowest rates in town and seeking your business. With multiple options, you have the power to choose the rate structure that works best for your residential or commercial needs.

Weighing your Alberta energy options

Just because you can sign up for Alberta energy supply from an independent marketer such as Vector Energy, you are not required to do so. Consumers have every right to continue opting for the regulated rate option (RRO) offered by their local utility. The RRO is determined by the government and is liable to fluctuate from month to month, dependent upon numerous factors in the energy market.

However, if you are searching for the price security of a fixed-rate plan, the best solution is to research options offered by competitive marketers. By locking in a fixed rate, you gain more control over your monthly bill and can better adjust your energy consumption habits. Or if you would prefer to sign on with a competitive marketer but don't want to lock into a long-term rate, you can still opt for a floating price plan, which is similar to the RRO offered by utilities in that the price per kWh is likely to change each month.

Learning about Vector Energy rates

As is the case with most Alberta energy retailers, you can enjoy a host of benefits when you sign on with Vector Energy. In an effort to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint, Vector Energy utilizes convenient online billing options such as electronic invoicing and direct debit, as well as simple online forms to switch providers. There are also no fees to sign up or to terminate service with the company. All you have to do is give 10 days' notice prior to switching.

With Vector Energy as their Alberta energy marketer, customers can get knowledgeable customer support from a company that aids local business and nonprofit organizations to better the communities it serves.

Discover more of what's available for Alberta energy solutions

It is important to remember that you have options when it comes to Alberta energy for your home or commercial business. Browse to find out more about Vector Energy Alberta and other competitive marketers supplying electricity and natural gas near you, then call today with any questions you have about finding a new rate that fits your budget!


Updated: 8-11-15